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Join us on Saturday October 14th • 9am-1pm

3003 Larimer St, Denver (Oz Architecture parking lot)
Tickets are $40

The 4th Annual Grand Coffee Bazaar is primed to be the grandest coffee expo in Denver to date. The Bazaar is back to enlighten, inspire, and awaken coffee lovers and entrepreneurs.

We know the Denver coffee scene is steeping with creativity and passion—so we’re here to help navigate hot waters. The Grand Coffee Bazaar is your chance to meet roasters, find your new favorite local coffee style, discuss rising trends, and indulge in brunch cocktails and bites—making for a lovely Saturday morning.

Located at the Oz Architecture building in RiNo, the Grand Coffee Bazaar will feature tastings from featured Colorado coffee roasters, multiple brunch-inspired bites from local food trucks and restaurants, and of course, brunch cocktails and coffee beers.


Unlimited Tastings, bites and brunch-inspired adult beverages for $40



Try coffee from roasters working with various beans and creating craft coffee prepared by different methods. Then indulge in a morning libation or craft beer.



Pair your favorite coffee drinks and cocktails with brunch-inspired bites from food trucks and local coffee shops.



Roasters will be giving short seminars throughtout the event for those looking to leave with more than a buzz and full belly.

About the venue...

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oz architecture

OZ is comprised of one historic warehouse and one warehouse turned studio side-by-side.  The vast open office with steel beams spanning the ceiling and exposed brick walls retain a historic feel while enclosing a modern space that sparks creativity.  OZ’s 165 architects, designers, and brand strategists are able to work across practice areas in the integrated work and collaboration spaces that are strategically located throughout both studios. 
Proud to be a part of the eccentric RiNo community, the studios have large windows that create a connection between the inside and outside world.  OZ Architecture has been at the forefront of design since 1964.  The firm is recognized for designing award-winning projects that make a positive and lasting contribution to the community. For more information, visit