THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT our featured roasters



What would you like for attendees and coffee lovers to know about you?

We love coffee.  We love the community it creates, from seed to cup. We love the craft of coffee, and the conversation that comes with it. This love and passion inspired us to create Allegro Coffee Roasters–curated coffee bars and roasteries that deliver the best coffee experience in the world. At each location we roast in small batches that you can see while you’re ordering. And these aren’t just any beans we’re roasting. They’re sourced from unique markets where we’ve cultivated relationships that ensure sustainable futures for farmers and for us. They’re hand-bagged and hand date-stamped. In each café, we grind the beans specifically for the brewing method when you order. But it’s not just coffee we’re serving up. We offer delicious hand-made delights, embracing partnerships with local dairies, bakeries and suppliers.Come have a cup with us and see how each bar is uniquely inspired by its surroundings. Quality and equality. Proof and process. Locals and loyalty. It’s what we’re about at every Allegro Coffee Roasters.

Any new/recent updates?

At Allegro Coffee Roasters Tennyson, we change out our specialty drinks with every season. Our current lineup includes: a Honeycomb Latte (Browned honey caramel mixed with espresso and steamed milk), an Iced Rose Chai (Bhakti Chai and sweet rose scented cream served over ice ), a Jalapeno Crimson Limeade (House made limeade, with a slight kick from jalapeno syrup mixed with Crimson Hibiscus tea on Nitro for a creamy finish), and Bliss Brew (nitro cold brew coffee with cream and house-made lavender vanilla syrup).  We also now are serving a house-made lunch menu, including tasty paninis, a buddha bowl, and several types of toasts (hooray for avocado toast!)

What makes you unique?

Allegro Coffee Roasters has a few things that make us unique. First, the coffee we source is pretty special. We’re able to bring in really lovely coffee from unique growing regions and well-known farms, for example – we currently have a coffee from Myanmar in our lineup and have carried several varietals from revered coffee producer Aida Battle. Second, sustainability is always at the top of our minds when it comes to selecting and working with our producers. And lastly, our coffee roasting is in sight of the coffee bar where the beans are being brewed and we also frequently invite customers into our roasteries for cuppings and other coffee classes. We love spreading the coffee love and our roastermasters and roasteries being open to the community is very important to us.



What would you like attendees and coffee lovers to know about you? 

Our Family of Brands deliver the needs of every kind of coffee drinker. Our featured brand for Grand Coffee Bazaar is Boulder Organic Coffee. We source the highest quality of Fair Trade and Organic coffee beans on the market. Our single origins out rival the competition.  

Any new/recent updates? 

We are releasing our new Roastmaster Select coffee in October! We will be featuring a delicious Honey-Processed Honduran. This is a limited time release and will only be sold until we run out.

What makes you unique? 

Our passion for coffee is strong as well as our commitment to the people who farm the coffee trees. We give back to the farmers and local communities who put in the time and effort to provide us with the highest quality organic beans.


Method Coffee


What would you like attendees and coffee lovers to know about you? 

Method Coffee Roasters is part of "1% for the Planet", a partnerships program that connects individuals and businesses to environmental non-profits. Donations from their business are used to off-set their carbon footprint and support a local non-profit called Protect Our Winters.

Any new/recent updates?

Currently, Method Coffee Roasters has a roastery and a cafe in Boulder, though they will also be opening a shop in LoHi by end of year.